Who should use Bobbypins? And how?

Bobbypins are a universal accessory for hairstyles. Although some would say they have been used in other ways as well. The most popular being opening Door Locks!!! ☺
Now as a company in the business of manufacturing these pins, let me state candidly that we are a 50 year old company and some of our brands are nearly 40 years old.
As a brand we owe it to our loyal customers to who put their faith in our pins for their hairstyles. To give them a pin that DOES THE JOB!!
Every salon and every hairstylist out there is always complaining about the bad quality of grips and pins that are being sold. The price factor has become so important for these salons and the stylists, that they have forgotten that their hard work and effort can be completely wiped out in a matter of hours if the pins and grips used to hold these immaculate designs and styles is not right. On top of that, most hairstylists are now making more and more use of hair-holding sprays .
It’s become a vicious circle, the salons demand cheaper sundries, the manufacturers compromise on quality.
We have decided therefore to take the matter in our own hands.
The problem as far as we have understood is the lack of knowledge and information.
For the stylists, the pin is such an insignificant part of their profession, that they seldom want to pay attention to it.
I have often heard from them, Oh what’s the point of this bobbypin? We aren’t going to get them back are we? So we stand to lose.
To Them, I would like to say this: Imagine if your client pays you for a great package of a hairstyle. You deliver by getting the style done. But the only problem is, you have used these ‘disposable’ kind of bobbypins. Now during their event or function, the bride is dancing and the hairstyle starts coming loose. Who’s fault is it? Hers, because she’s dancing on one of the happiest days of her life? Or yours, because you didn’t use the right quality of Pins.
Please let’s change our ways, not because you have or I have vested interest. But because its a no-brainer. You cannot do this to customers.
I happen to be a part of this industry, so I’m advocating for us to change our ways.
Do have a look at video here: https://youtu.be/IbDzr126vE4 It shows how strong bobbypins can be?
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