We launched our Liza Haircare Premium Bobbypins range back in 2015 to a great response from you. 
Two years hence, we’ve decided to make some elementary changes to our packaging to make the products easy to handle. We’ve also made some changes to the designs of the cards, this time they are easier to use for the end users.
We always believe in customer experience more than anything. So these changes actually make a difference in the way users make use of their pins. 
You still get all our 15 bespoke designs of pins for possibly every hair type and every hair style from #perms #straighthair #wavyhair #bobcuts #pixiecuts.
So it’s important for us to listen to you!
We sincerely hope you like our new Boxed Packagings and that you will help us do better in the future.
Our social channels are on each card. So if there’s anything you need to tell or ask us, Tweet me @saimanbobbypins
Thank you once from the Saiman Team!
Liza Haircare Cards
New Box Packaging Liza Haircare