Our Shaifali Bobbypins have been selling so well in the last 20 plus years since launch, that we have been overwhelmed by the response year after year from You, our beloved Customers!
Over the past few years, however, we had some feedback that, the plastic cases (for which our brand is synonymous with) is getting difficult to use. 
This change in consumer need made us rethink our packaging.
After all, if it ain’t broke, how do you fix it?
But we did.
We are so proud that we have taken this step of listening to the feedback received-
Carded pins/grips would now be much easier to carry around in purses and bags.
We have completely revamped our packaging yet retained the old design on the Signature Boxes themselves, so as to keep the consistency of the brand.
We sincerely hope, you will be happy with this change and we will always endeavour to give you what you ask off of us.
Thank you from Team Saiman