Liza Haircare 2017-18 Collection

The Next Frontier for Bobby Pins

With an endeavour to deliver a quality recognised product, a company needs to be known in an industry.
We at Saiman Exports are pleased to launch our own brand of hairgrips, bobbypins aimed to give our Indian consumers what quality hair-essentials should be.
Over the years, it has been our learning that professionals in haircare industry here in India have kept pace with their western counterparts for haircare and hair aesthetics.
However hair-essentials as a category has long been ignored
Often hair-essentials are termed as disposable (it’s a paradox in itself) and being treated as second fiddle.
True, that as a product so generic in nature, not a lot of attention is paid.
But that gets us to the exact point that it’s exactly this innate property of the product which makes the bobby pins so unique and versatile in their various uses.

With that said, it’s important that, YOU, our end-users consumers realise that by demanding a better quality bobbypin, you are eliminating various hair care problems like:

  • Hair-breakage
  • Hair entangling
  • Expensive and bespoke hairstyles getting loose and opening 
  • Wedding updo’s losing their tightness in a few hours (Embarrassment 😞😕😖)
  • Head aches and pains (sometimes even migraine) being caused because of the very tight grip of the bobby pins used.
  • Bobby pins used without no coating on tips (sharp metal edges) that cause scratches and injuries on the scalp

When you wear a Saiman Bobbypin (A LIZA HAIRCARE Bobbypin now) , we assure you that we have worked on all the problems stated above and eliminated them.
Obviously, it’s not possible for us to get individual testimonies (but we are even aiming for this, by starting an outreach program of some sort). But we assure you that we’ve been selling bobby pins for the last 35 years and always kept our top spot as market leaders in the industry.
So with that said, we present to you LIZA HAIR CARE range of bobbypins/ hairgrips.
A collection of carefully crafted 15 SKU’s in 5 categories:

  • 1000 Series: European Style pins- These are sold in Europe, with three waves ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 cm. The most popular size is 5 cm.
  • 2000 Series: American Style pins- Mainly in demand in USA, these are pins with 5 waves for different styles of hair from short hair side pins to used in braids. Referred to as Braidpins. Sizes from 4.5 to 6.5 cm
  • 3000 Series: Perfect Curvy pins- These pins are slightly curved from the centre to sit comfortably on the contours (natural curves and slopes of our heads) of the scalp. These are to be used on top heavy styles to hold hair in place. Sizes from 4 to 7 cm 
  • 4000 Series: Straight pins- These are straight pins, earlier used in Hair rollers, now these are used to hold dense hair in place. Sizes from 5 to 7 cm
  • 5000 Series: Original pins- Made out flat wire, these are most popular in India because they are versatile to hold hairdo’s and complex hairstyles.
Its also important to understand how to use Bobby pins and Hairpins correctly. We have a post here showing just that.
Also for your benefit, we have a test to show that Quality Bobby pins are indeed made and available in our country and we at Liza Haircare are at the frontier.
With that said, we unveil to you 

Happy Pinning!
Team Liza Haircare