2017-18 Liza Haircare Professional Grips

There are users of Bobbypins/ Hiagrips and then there are USERS!! 
Its with you’ll in mind that we have come up with the 500 gr box of Grips/Pins.
Its better to leave a whole box of grips on your makeup table, than remove individual grips/pins off from cards. 
When you’re in the middle of a fantastic do-it-yourself hairstyle, or for that matter at a salon getting a hip look, imagine your frustration if the strands of hair in your hands or the hair artist’s slips when you/he/she are trying to get a grip/pin out of a card!! PHEW!!
Don’t fret though!!
We’ve come to the rescue.
Same Professional Quality grips/pins. In a sturdy long lasting eco-friendly box that’ll last months together!!
Of course we are still at the research/beta stage of putting it out in the market. Initially we want to understand the consumer sentiment!
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Team Liza Haircare!