Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting our customers for the first time in years when I traveled to Hyderabad.
It was such an eye opener for me and our name as  reputed manufacturers of basic hair accessories.
Customers still love our name, our brands and our complete ethos!
It’s sad however, that due to the unorganized nature of our business, we as manufacturers haven’t really been able to give advantages to these customers in various parts of the Country!
I intend to change it radically and by this time next year, I pledge to atleast have our beloved customers in these regions have advantages to be at part with customers who are locally based. The clout has to end!
Our whole business ethics is based on keeping customers first, even in our export markets, so why not carry that forward in our own country where our brands like LIZA HAIRCARE, LIZA, SHAIFALI and TIPSY are so well received.
On this positive note, I sign off!