Our #LIZAHAIRCARE range of professional grade bobbypins. Made with the customer in mind. Made keeping professional hair artists around the world opinions and comments.

Essentially, every hair type needs different haicare and obviusly different methods in styling! Thats what the video is all about!
A good hairartist or hairstylist knows that thin hair cannot take perms very easily! 
Similarly a good hair essential is as crucial as the hairartist.
I quote one of the most famous hair educationists in the world, “I would rather use 10 great bobbypins, than 40 bad ones!
That sums up the importance of these #hairessentials.
Imagine a bride, being told by a hairartist:
“Please dont move your head too much on the left or right. Keep your head very still!”
This is another way of saying, “We have used cheap quality #hairpins #bobbypins on your hair and saved a few bob!”
Its probably the best day of your life, you are paying through your nose to look and FEEL YOUR BEST! 
Why cant to dance and and actually enjoy the gorgeousness, the glow on your face?
Oh…..Because the grips arent too tight and they arent holding the bun or the braids in place!!
Wouldnt that be a shame? 
Why should the hair-artist think any different???
It’s a shame, they do! 
Time and again, companies here, in the hair and beauty industry in India have forgotten the user experience that is so crucial to their future sales and profitability!
We, at Saiman and Liza Haircare strive to change that!
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