Over the years, technology has led to production and manufacturing processes having lesser and lesser human interference, thereby reducing time lags, offering consistent quality and increasing productivity as a result.
What required an hour of human effort/labour/technique now gets done within minutes, sometimes even seconds.
So is human talent in manufacturing process a lost art or something unnecessary??
Perhaps in MOST cases, but not necessarily in all! If that were the case, then there’d be far too many Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Patek Philippes around.
The above marquee names, be it cars or watches are perfect examples of the case for human talent and the human creative mind. Obviously, i have mentioned these names only because i know of them. There may scores of other marquee names present who share these very attributes.
Although these companies use the best technology in machinery and tools, their main stay is still their human capital, their talented workforce who creates the perfect cars and watches.

The Bobbypins and Hairpins Industry:
Companies all around the world have been making Bobbypins for atleast 100 years.
What started as painstaking process of handmade bobbypins from steel wires, has now evolved into a completely mechanized process from start to finish, with very little ‘human talent’.
The Saiman name:
Our company has been at the forefront of supplying the products since 1965.
We have taken a different approach.
We have allowed mechanization to take over where necessary and still kept other processes as ‘machine free’ as possible.
The result is that, we don’t produce billions of bobbypins everyday (obviously we produce millions to keep up with the demand). But what we have achieved is the art of specialising in making Bespoke Bobbypins for all our customers around the world.
This cannot be achieved by mechanizing the entire process of making and packing bobbypins. Because some process still needs the ‘human touch’. Moreover, mechanization works perfectly with “set parameters”. A little change here and there, hampers the entire process, thereby rendering the whole system useless and time consuming, instead of increasing productivity!
Our Home grown Human Talent, Our Pride!
We take pride in our 150 strong workforce, who has been with us a long time. It’s with them that we have grown to be a name to reckon with. Some of them have been with us since the last 30 years and they still share the same zest for quality like they did in the olden times.
My opinion:
I wanted to just share a different perspective, on why we don’t always need to look at mechanized manufacturing and thereby give up on quality over numbers and profits!
Names and brands used above are just representations to make the discussion valid and to the point. The brands are obviously owned by the respective names and in no means an endorsement on this blog.