How to check the strength of Bobbypins/hairgrips
Everyone of us have come across bobby-pins that when used more than a couple of times to hold our hair open up and thus are no longer useful.
  • Here, via this home video, we are showing the strength of our bobbypins, that WILL NOT lose their shape and will stay intact even after they are put on a pen. 
  • In the video, the pins of different sizes remain on the thick part of the pen for more than a minute, showing that the wire quality is also important along with the finish of the pin. 
  • Manufacturers tend to produce these articles with thinner grade wires and that shows on the final quality of the article as well, when the pins open up after a few uses! 😦
  • This shows that bobby-pins need to be strong since there are different textures of hair for which the hairdressers and salon stylists or even a consumer, uses the bobby-pin for.
  • At Saiman, we have always purchased our raw materials from top grade Spring Steel wire manufacturers and kept a check on the tensile strength/ UTS of the stock that comes in.
Please have a look at the video and leave your comments and please do follow our blog for more updates and information about the HUMBLE BOBBYPIN. We will endaevour to create a product that an end consumer can be happy about in all ways! 🙂